It is a human right to use plant medicine and everyone in the world should have easy access to cannabis-based medicine. Our goal is to make CBD commonplace in all homes in the world by 2030: it will have a place in the house just like salt and garlic.

10 years ago while studying genetics at the Danish University, I travelled across Africa working on a project to increase the lifespan of people in the Zulu region as they were suffering from AIDS. I spent time in mobile clinics to implement mainstream medicine. Here I saw how the drugs we were providing people with were only making things worse.

This took me on my journey. A journey that raised questions about everything we learn in university, and which led me to start looking for alternatives that could restore our immune systems and health without side effects. In my search, I found that correct nutrition was the answer, that an intense natural vitamin and mineral regime could help people to lead normal lives. I found the Cannabis plant to be very effective from looking into native medicine.

At the same time, in the USA, people were marching on the streets for the legalization of cannabis. People were advocating that the use of cannabis plants had helped them to overcome AIDS and other serious problems.