We support local farmers and organic hemp production. Hemp plants we use to make Endoca CBD are completely free from pesticide and chemicals. Organic land is not always easy to find, and many farmers currently employ processes that require pesticides and chemicals for their crop production.

Our dream is a world that doesn’t use chemicals and pesticides to grow our food As we grow as a business, it is part of our mission that we work with farmers who want to make the transition into organic farming.

We help by providing them with hemp plants, as part of their first organically grown crop rotation. This helps purify their soil, to prepare for next year’s harvest.

This process takes time, but we know that all good things take time. By supporting these farmers to go pesticide free, we
Once the soil has been purified by the first round of plants that have been planted and harvested, it is finally ready to
impact on the world, even if it is just acre by acre.

We use local suppliers to source our natural ingredients, the chicle gum we use for our chewing gum and the good-grade ingredients for our skincare are all sustainably sourced